Sea Freight

Cost-efficient way to transport your goods in high quantities over large distances with the best rate for you.

From Full Container Load (FCL) to Less Than Container Load (LCL), Minelog provides tier-one rates and space commitment from leading shipping lines. After all, sea-freight is the foundation of our successful brand and business.

Flexible Sea Logistic Solutions

Sea freight is just one cog within the machine that forms a supply chain network. Some companies opt to use a specific 3PL to have their goods shipped safely and legally. As mentioned in our Top 5 benefits of 3PL, one of the major benefits of these providers is that they already know all of the requirements and you will not have to engage with a shipping company for each item.

Once you have engaged with us, we will collect the goods from your supplier and move them through the port in one of the previously mentioned forms. It is worth noting that delivery times should include a delay moving through the port each side as they have to pass through customs.

Fulfill & Deliver Promises

Ocean and sea freight services break down to two further options: a full container load (FCL) and a less than container load (LCL). With LCL, several shipments are packed into one container. This means more work for the forwarder, there’s extra paperwork involved, as well as the physical work of consolidating various shipments into a container before the main transit and de-consolidating the shipments at the other end.

LCL takes more time to deliver than an FCL shipment. It’s typically recommended to allow an extra one or two weeks for LCL. There is an increased risk of damage, misplacement, and loss with LCL. LCL costs more per cubic meter. Since shipping rates are lower for FCL, it may be worth using a full container once your shipment is large enough, even if your goods do not fill a full container. The tipping point for upgrading from LCL to FCL (the smallest sized container is a 20-footer) is somewhere around 15 cubic meters.

Benefits with Minelog

Sea freight is economically and environmentally superior to other forms of product delivery service, but only if you are looking to transport large quantities or if the destination country is far away. With Minelog, we ensure you will benefit from:

  • Cost-effective comparatively to other methods
  • Easy to maneuver heavy or large products with ease
  • Inexpensive over long distances
  • Most Carbon-efficient solution

Our other core expertise:

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