Our comprehensive haulage transportation services are easily made available for you.


Haulage & Transport

Our comprehensive haulage transportation services are easily made available for you.

Depending on the amount and size of your cargo, Minelog offers the finest full load (FTL), part load (PTL), and groupage transportation tailored to those needs.
We have a variety of trucks to meet your transportation requirements. To guarantee that your products are delivered on schedule, our truck drivers receive thorough training in responsibility and tenacity.

Economical Haulage and Transportation Solutions

Minelog can provide high levels of service and dependability tailored to allow you to manage your own carriers, build a specialized fleet, or combine the two. We can assure the safe and timely delivery of your goods to your desired destination with the help of our seamless online GPS solution.

Our trucking services cover cross border transportation, plying between Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We maintain a low cost in our client’s favor by optimizing volumes using our fleet of vehicles and the routes we follow.

Fulfill & Deliver Promises

Practically all other industries in our economy primarily rely on land transportation to distribute their products. Therefore, regardless of the logistics difficulty you confront, we take pride in being dependable and effective by making sure that commitments are followed.

We are dedicated to ease the complexity of your logistics so that you can concentrate on the growth of your company. Here’s how we do it:

  • We research and comprehend your demands.
  • As a complete logistics solution, we want to provide our industry-leading Air, Sea, and Land freight management, Local and International forwarding, Warehouse and Inventory Management, IT infrastructure, Distribution, and transportation services.
  • We propose a perfect solution for you by integrating our range of services.
  • We evaluate, review, and become your number one transportation partner.

Benefits with Minelog

The unrivaled advantage of haulage and transportation lies in its ability to do door-to-door services for all freight deliveries. This is probably the most direct way to deliver your goods without having to go through multilayers of procedures and security checks. With Minelog’s solution, you can experience:

  • Higher cost savings
  • Door-to-door shipment
  • Faster means of transport for short distances
  • Flexibility in freight routes
  • Safety and security
  • Better equipment and driver quality


Our other core expertise:

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