A limitless and cost-effective way to ensure your goods safely arrive anywhere on time.


Air Freight

A limitless and cost-effective way to ensure your goods safely arrive anywhere on time.

Minelog provides maximum flexibility and efficiency without jeopardizing cost and space commitment. We deliver a range of products and a choice of speeds to precisely solve your business challenges.

Solution that matches your needs

Minelog offers air freight services that provide comprehensive solutions for you. The rise of global capacity and demands can put a lot of pressure on your supply chain to deliver. Air freight services are the right solution if you have to transport your time-sensitive, high-value, low-volume cargo to its destination.

As a third-party logistics provider, we provide a worry-free solution for companies, specifically with our streamlined process and trained staff to handle all of our shipments. We ensure that our standard of service quality is maintained at a high level.

Air Freight Services

Plan with certainty

Time is critical for cost-effectiveness, especially for fast-moving businesses. Our air freight services will help ensure your goods arrive at the destination and to your receiver fast and in a safe condition. With your destination and timescale of choice, it is our priority to make your business run smoothly.

Enjoy the benefits of Minelog Air Freight

Over the last years, we have established relationships with industry partners and are firmly positioned to negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf.

With Minelog, we ensure you will benefit from:

  • Affordable rates over long distances.
  • Skill and expertise over heavy and outsize cargo.
  • Safe and secure delivery.
  • Carbon-efficient solution.

Our other core expertise:

Global Airlines Partners

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How does it work?

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02 Minelog team in touch with you for further discussion.
03 Proceed to payment.
04 Schedule to collect and transport your goods to our port.
05 Track your shipment.

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