Handle A-Z your project cargo of high-volumes, bulky, and out-of-grange containers.


Project Cargo Handling

Handle A-Z your project cargo of high-volumes, bulky, and out-of-grange containers.

Not all cargos are able to fit inside a standard container, and that specific cargo needs to be handled and managed with care. At Minelog, we think out of the box and provide innovative and smart solutions for your oversized cargos.

Flexible Project Cargo Handling Solutions

There are times where certain cargos are required to be loaded onto special containers, especially for the irregularly oversized cargos. With comprehensive experience and knowledge in shipping goods of all shapes and sizes, Minelog’s project cargo team can provide a fast and secured logistics solution for all sorts of oversized freight, including heavy machineries, aircraft parts, locomotives and more.

We tailor all breakbulk and out-of-gauge shipments carefully to load and secure (lash) onto a platform by working around your special requirements and deliver them to any location around the world.

Fulfill & Deliver Promises

We offer a variety option of any size and weight of your cargo, and our experts can advise you on the best options for your shipment. We take pride in being dependable and effective by making sure that commitments are followed.

We are dedicated to ease the complexity of your logistics so that you can concentrate on the growth of your company. Here’s how we do it:

  • We plan and provide advice on the best options for your oversized or overweight cargos.
  • We work on contingency plans in the case of unforeseen events.
  • We work closely with our transportation team and comply to all necessary documentation.
  • We track the cargo in real-time and analyze the results of the delivered projects to work on future improvements.
  • We evaluate, review, and become your number one project cargo handling partner.

Benefits with Minelog

Regardless of the size and weight of your cargo, we work to provide the best solutions to ensure your goods are delivered in a timely and secured manner. With Minelog’s solution, you can:

  • Experience global reach of your cargo with our team of experts.
  • Save time and money in one shot.
  • Enjoy excellent service and competitive rates.
  • Track shipment and container movements.
  • Enjoy hassle-free customs clearance with our fully-service licensed brokerage experts.
  • Reduce logistical issues of shipping special-sized cargos.
  • Ship your cargos in one piece without disassembling.


Our other core expertise:

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