The predicted 2023 sustainability trends you should know about [Part 1].

Embracing sustainability is the most important step a business can take to secure its long-term future, but these days, it involves a lot more than just reducing carbon emissions. Here are the major trends set to explode in 2023

Committing to sustainability has suddenly become the biggest and most reliable predictor of long-term business success.

Far from jeopardizing the bottom line, the unstoppable momentum of the net zero bandwagon careering through every major global industry is proving to be an unexpected opportunity for those who’ve happily hopped aboard.

As customers, investors, staff, legislators and those all-important celebrity influencers gang up to demand carbon footprints be significantly downsized, companies not complying with their wishes won’t be companies for much longer.

A third of CEOs polled by the United Nations last year said their investors actively insist that more progress be made on cutting emissions, nearly double the figure from just seven years ago.

“The last time we saw this type of sharp change in priorities was in 2009 during the global financial crisis,” Gartner Fellow Mark Raskino says.

But going green is no longer just about consolidating carbon, it’s about being a better corporate citizen, giving back to communities, using data in ethical ways, repairing ruined ecosystems and prioritizing the wellbeing of your employees.

New trends in futureproofing through sustainability emerge almost every week, but here are the five set to dominate in 2023.

By The CEO Magazine. 28 March 2023.
Source: The CEO Magazine. 2 April 2023.

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